Our Working Mothers Education and Support Program is a child abuse and neglect prevention program that is funded through numerous local civic organizations, congregations as well as through a state and federal funded grant.

This program is a six month comprehensive program that is designed for low income women with children between the ages of 0-5 years of age who reside in Florence County. This program equips parents with skills to reduce potential child maltreatment and is achieved by increasing parental confidence, offering positive, non-violent parenting skills, improving parent-child relations, reducing child behavior problems, lessening parental stress and anxiety, minimizing poor spending habits, creating and managing effective budgets, providing appropriate community referrals and by ensuring that babies have an adequate amount of diapers for necessary changes. It is a three step program which consists of life skills classes, money management sessions and diapers and wipes for the mother’s small children.

To apply for the program call our office at 843-629-0830.