What’s $20 worth? Lunch for 2? A tank (or half a tank) of gas? A few plants to brighten up your home’s curb appeal?

At Lighthouse Ministries, $20 can make a huge impact on someone’s life. When your gift of $20 joins others, the impact it makes is the difference between a home that’s lit up at night and one that stays dark. It makes the difference between someone being able to take a shower at home or having to travel to use a friend or neighbor’s bathroom. It’s access to insulin. It’s a roof over someone’s head.

$20 can buy a week’s worth of diapers or food.

$20 is 1/5 of what it takes to place a utility deposit on a new, safer place to live.

If you and a few of your friends give, $20 adds up to stability, care, love.

At last week’s Fete en Blanc, we challenged those in attendance to contribute $20 (the cost of a Fete ticket) to help their Florence County neighbors. We would like to issue that same challenge to you.

Here’s how to participate in Lighthouse Ministries’ $20 Challenge:

  1. Learn more about how $20 can make an impact in the lives of Florence County residents (you’ve already done this!)
  2. Donate $20 to show love, care, and compassion for your neighbors.
  3. Nominate a friend to increase your impact by making their own $20 gift!

Donate your $20 by Monday, May 8, 2017.  Let’s see how many people we can impact in a week.

Click here to donate now.