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We are a compassionate nonprofit organization, working to prevent homelessness among the families of Florence County by providing for their basic needs during times of crisis. This work is only made possible by the tremendous support and cooperation of our volunteers, staff, program coordinators, and board of directors with the local community.

Holding Hands

Our Mission

Lighthouse Ministries exists to enhance the quality of life for Florence County residents by providing immediate basic needs and on-going comprehensive support services. Our organization thrives in our efforts through collaborations with area ministries and local community partners. 

Our Vision

Lighthouse Ministries seeks to be the primary resource for direct services and referrals for those with the greatest needs in Florence County. 

Our Values



All persons are God's creation and deserve to be treated with respect, compassion, and dignity.



All staff and volunteers of Lighthouse Ministries are witnesses to God's love and work together to reflect God's light of hope in the world.



All acts of cooperation, between the faith communities and service organizations of Florence, serve to strengthen our ministry with families in crisis situations.


Social Responsibility

All individuals and families deserve shelter, basic utilities, food and medication.

Our History

In the early 1990’s, several of the pastors in Florence began to acknowledge the growing need of the local community for assistance in food, shelter, medical care and transportation.


Agreeing that this ministry could best be supported through their cooperation, they resolved to form a singular organization to serve our neighbors-in-need. These pastors and their congregations joined together; combining their time, talents, and resources to establish Lighthouse Ministries.

Lighthouse Ministries opened in 1996. Since then, we have been serving our neighbors with compassion and dedication. We believe that everyone who walks through our door is our neighbor, deserving of dignity and respect regardless of their situation.

Lighthouses exist to light the way for those traveling in the dark. The light guides one towards a safe place; it provides a signal of hope shining bright amidst the darkest nights. Our name, Lighthouse Ministries, acts as an extension of this idea, providing light and guidance to those in Florence County with the greatest need. Our logo exhibits powerful beams of light that cut through the darkness, representing the hope and aid that Lighthouse Ministries provides to local families in crisis situations.

We are proud to be able to serve an average of 2000 households per year, directly impacting each member of every family we assist. We look forward to continuing to serve our Florence County neighbors for many years to come.


Our Team

Our Board

Our Sponors

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